Macumbhouse feat. Lady Maru - Lola Matteucci - Angelica

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MACUMBHOUSE feat. Lady Maru - Lola Matteucci - Angelica

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Cazzurillo live + dj caz-set with Maria Violenza al Fanfulla 5/a

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CAZZURILLO (cacophonic / visual smash up / balli di gruppo / Grinchland)

CAZZURILLO is an accidentally odd sounds composer and “one girl mess“ performer.
During her live sets she disguises herself without reserve and with a mocking snigger on her face she sings with scrambled voices, grooves, guitar. All supported by insane objects animation video projection.

In apertura: DISCOSTAN dj set

a seguire Cazzurillo Tape dj set con MariaViolenza!

"Greetings from Grinchland" - New Album (2016) -
"Ghosts are surfing now!" - Ep (2013) -
"Maialkoki" - Debut Album (2007) -



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YONIC SOUTH (forsePunk / Bologna) • La Discoteca Punk

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YONIC SOUTH (Garage Punk / Bologna)

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preludio di una gitanìa
(marsiglia > santarcangelo di romagna > san martino spino ....


Analogica Selection 6 // Fanfulla 5/a

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h.21.00 // FANFULLA 5/A
ANALOGICA è un festival e una piattaforma per sostenere la produzione in pellicola di film, che siano cortometraggi, di animazione, documentari o sperimentali.
ANALOGICA SELECTION è il programma di film presentato e promosso annualmente attraverso un tour internazionale.
La proiezione è in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese.
programma: 51'

In Light, In! / Ken Paul Rosenthal / 12' / 2014 / Found Footage / USA
A haunting, visual essay about the awkward and angry junctures where our culture struggles to manage its emotional distress. Images recycled from 1950’s-era educational films are accompanied by original compositions by world-renowned cellist, Zoe Keating.
Ken Paul Rosenthal is a cinema artist and mental health advocate whose current work explores the geography of madness through the regenerative power of nature, urban landscapes, home movies, and archival footage from social hygiene films.

On ira à Neuilly inch'allah / Anna Salzberg & Mehdi Ahoudig / 19' / 16mm / 2015 / France
We hear the first strike of young workers from Velib, the Parisian rental bike company. We hear them learning how to drive and organize a demonstration, with the typical language of African working-class areas. We see Paris in black and white, in early morning with only few people on the street, in a long and slow, never ending travelling from the outskirts to Velib headquarters in Neuilly.

TRiplete Plástico / Ignacio Tamarit / 1' 36'' / 2015 / found footage /Argentina
Over the years I painted super 8 film strips that for some reason I discarded and stored in boxes. After a while I wanted to give a new use to this material, or at least recycle it. So I started to view and select only the parts that interested me the most of all this footage. I ended up taking 3 frames here, 5 here and collected an entire folder of small frames.

San Guerrero / Jeff Zorrilla / 3' / Super8 / 2015 / Argentina
A short Documentary about an American ex-pat who lives in Buenos Aires and works as a city tour guide during the day and a sexual tour guide during the night.
The film was first short on vision 3 negative super 8 and then refilmed we color reversal super 8 from my computer screen so that I can project it live. It is a first glimpse of my full-length feature called Monger.
Jeff Zorrilla was born in 1984 in the United States. He studied film at the University of Santa Cruz (California, USA), and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s directed numerous short films in Super 8 which have gone on to play in festivals in Cannes, La Paz, Montevideo, Taipei, and New York.

Ora d'aria / Francesco Fei / 6' 53'' / 16mm / 2015 / Italy (Yard time) Ex Prison of Sant'Agata in Bergamo.
Francesco Fei was born in Florence and lives in Milan. In 2004 he shoot and produce his first feature film, “Onde”. The movie has been selected for many festivals worldwide and has been recognized by critics as one of the most interesting Italian first movies of the last few years. With the documentary in 16mm "Armenia!" he participated at the Trieste Film Festival, 2016 and the Bellaria Film Festival, Red House Art Doc 2014. He is teaching at the Academy of Fine Art in Bergamo and at IED in Milan.

Over&Over / Michael Fleming / 8' / Found Footage / 2016 / the Netherlands
A 35mm found-footage hand-manipulated collage film focusing on the depiction of fear and revenge seen in commercial cinema. Manipulating our fear of mortality, it suggests we decimate what threatens us. The surface of the film material has been treated in the same way: peeling, scalping, cutting, and burning the image.
Michael Fleming is a visual artist and a VJ. He ‘paints’ with manipulated film and found footage from kitsch, cult and news broadcasts. Fleming has shared his work on festivals, in clubs, during live performances, in galleries and several museums all over the globe.

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Seretan /ambient noise Istanbul + Ube al Fanfulla 5/a

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SERETAN (Ambient Noise / Istanbul)

Seretan uses sequencers, drum machines and samplers to create distinct style of music which is based on additive structures, sustained textures and unusual combination of sounds.

Like any sound obsessive, Özcan Ertek splits his time between a number of different projects. At the top of the list are Eno-inspired ambient explorations under his soundcollage moniker, as well as the experimental electronic music he makes under the name Seretan. From minimalist ambience to larger-than-life melodicism: Turkey’s sonic explorer Seretan will play his live set that including tracks from new 'Transference EP'.

UBE (Experimental - Genova)

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The Winonas (Acoustic grunge) al Fanfulla 5/a

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The WINONAS (Acoustic grunge)

un progetto di Alberto Toti, chitarrista/multi-strumentista romano.
Registrato nella primavera del 2015, Stormy Coast of Tibet si sviluppa in sette tracce tra folk, psichedelia e soundscapes
cinematografici con richiami a Robert Wyatt, Smog, Arab Strap e Have a Nice Life.

a seguire William BURRO dj set

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Lourdes Rebels + Mono Siren // Abracadvbra dj set

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LOURDES REBELS (Psych - Parma)
MONO SIREN (Elektro - Bruxelles)

a seguire ABRACADVBRA // Nic dj set

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Espada (Slow Rock/Alt-country - Foligno, Florida)

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ESPADA (Slow Rock/Alt-country - Foligno, Florida)

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Triptides (sun-warped psych / L.A.) at Fanfulla 5/a

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TRIPTIDES (Los Angeles - Lolipop Records/Requiem Pour Un Twister)

Triptides is a sun-warped psychedelic group from Los Angeles, California.

Triptides began as a bedroom project, with Glenn Brigman (guitar/vocals) and Josh Menashe (guitar/vocals) swapping ideas. Since then the band has grown, shifted and evolved, taking on a life of its own in the process. Their first records were full of lush beach-pop psychedelia, while on their last album Triptides slice together garage-punk, elements of psych and 60s West Coast pop.

The band played Manchester Psych Fest and some shows in the UK in May 2016 and in 2014 they played 'Rock in Rio' in Lisboa, Portugal sharing the bill with The Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, and others. In the Fall of 2016, Triptides joined British psychedelic group Temples on the West Coast leg of their US tour. Their new record Afterglow will be dropping early next year on Requiem Pour Un Twister.

Video 'Set You Free':

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Viking Moses (Alternative/Folk-Baltimore) + William Burro dj set

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VIKING MOSES (Alternative/Folk-Baltimore, USA)

a seguire William Burro dj set

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Big Debbie + Beast Nest (electro/wave - usa) // Kowalski dj set

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BIG DEBBIE (Los Angeles) + BEAST NEST (Oakland)

a seguire Kowalski dj set

Born in Soviet Union, Debbie discovered Western pop music through her father. Who at the time was bootlegging imported vinyl and reel to reel tapes that were being smuggled into St. Petersburg mostly by sailors. This and the time spent as an adult in San Francisco (from 2000-2012) continues to shape and influence, what is known as Big Debbie project.
Big Debbie started as a bedroom - recording project, that emerged out of San Francisco, CA in 2012, as a means to deal with addiction problems. The 4 track demo surfaced in a form of cassettes and a limited vinyl release. Midheaven Distribution described the release as "Driving drum machine beats and repetitive fuzzed out, sludgy bass lines with some tape manipulated vocals that croon, whisper and growl mostly in English. Foggy, hypnotic, haunting and playful at times."
Within the next couple years, Debbie moved to Los Angeles, venturing out on several tours across U.S., Europe and Russia. Mostly as a solo act, she would occasionally team up with guest performers/friends such as Terror Apart, Future Blondes, Gay Orphans, Ciriza and Moscow's A.W.O.T.T. Eventually the name was changed to Big Debbie and a full length, (out on Ratskin Records), is suppose to capture the transition from bedroom to the stage. . Big, sexy noise you can move to!…a-ca-deb-ra

Beat Nest is Sharmi's primary performing project. She utilizes an unwavering depression & restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits. While simultaneously clearing and entering, the sewage pipes of the body and the patriarchy congeal into watery soundscapes as a vehicle for achieving liberation through the darkest of fears.

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Teenadelic Night: Chow + Tigers in furs

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Per l'ultimo appuntamento della stagione teenadelica abbiamo pensato di chiamare gli amici in Italia che spaccano:
Da Bologna i CHOW (mi raccomando si pronuncia CIAO) che sono una figata:
E i locali Tigers In Furs che tutti noi conosciamo fin troppo bene:

Dopo i live infuochiamo per un'ultima volta in questa mitica stagione la pista con gli amici di Teenadelic Records
- il toscanaccio Luca Landi (Go!Zilla/ Annibale Records)
- il colosso Freddie Koratella (Dead Music Roma)

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Dead Music presenta Kaviar Special

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Fanfulla 5/a - Circolo Arci & Dead Music Roma

domenica 18 giugno
Kaviar Special live

da Rennes portano il loro garage pop psych a volumi altissimi.

spettacolo da non perdere

listen here

segue dj-set della Musica Morta
ingresso con tessera arci + contributo all'attività

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Hbday Arianna & Michael • Laser Cobra live • Tommominollo djset

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🎡 🍰 🔫 ogni anno si ripete questo imperdibile ed imprevedibile evento 💘 👯 🎁


Régis Turner (Elektro Lirica / Bruxelles) + THX dj set

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in collaborazione con CRACK fumetti dirompenti,

Regis Turner presenterà 2 dei suoi progetti musicali a Roma:
il primo, omonimo e malinconico sul palco del Fanfulla 5/a mercoledì 21 giugno.
il secondo OVERDRIVE, misto di dance FM lo-fi sul palco del Forte Prenestino durante il Crack Festival il venerdì 23 giugno.

Régis Turner:


A seguire THX dj set

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TERRY (Country disco pop - Australia) al Fanfulla 5/a

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TERRY (Melbourne, Australia)

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The Pussywarmers & Réka live at Fanfulla 5/a

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▌ ▌Hot Trips ▌ ▌

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▌▌▌▌▌▌HOT TRIPS ▌▌▌▌▌▌

▌▌ 23:55 -- SILENCE

▌▌00: 50 -- Dj SHABAZ ( impro-hot-psych- all kinds )

▌▌ 4:05 -- (Wench) ?

▌ FREE ENTRY con tessera Arci

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''Everything flows and nothing stays
Everything flows and nothing abides
Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed
Everything flows; nothing remains
All is flux, nothing is stationary
All is flux, nothing stays still
All flows, nothing stays''


Bad-in gran finale di stagione con
the great

☜★☞ ☜★☞ ☜★☞ Mike Cooper ☜★☞ ☜★☞ ☜★☞

Fanfulla 5/a
Lunedì 26 giugno ore 22:00

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Auguri + Dj Reietto live al Fanfulla

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Per la prima volta al Fanfulla

^^^ A U G U R I ^^^

Il trio capitanato da Johnny Paradise torna a Roma per un imperdibile live estivo.
Nonostante il nome più bello della storia dei nomi di tutte le band del pianeta, con gli AUGURI non c'è un cazzo da ridere. Sofferenza e nichilismo sono alla base del progetto.
Il loro EP d'esordio lo ha registrato Lorenzo Amato in presa diretta e lo puoi ascoltare qui

Johnny Paradise - chitarra e leadership
Marco Mirk - batteria e voce
Filippo dr.Panico - chitarra e voce

^^^ DJ REIETTO ^^^

Direttamente dalla capitale torna a Roma dj Reietto dopo l'incredibile set della scorsa Notte Night che ha incendiato la dance floor di ghiaino dello Strike.
Solo merda anni 80 in vinile mixata senza alcuna tecnica.

Dj Reietto - due giradischi usati male

Entrata con tessera arci + contributo associativo per l'attività degli Auguri

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Serata Benefit - atto II - Pigneto Città Aperta

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Serata benefit per il progetto 00176 Pigneto Città Aperta.
Spettacolo, concerto e dj-set a sottoscrizione libera per sostenere la festa socioculturale d.i.y. del Pigneto "che resiste". La 3 giorni di Luglio 2017 sarà un evento autogestito, no-budget, accessibile e gratuito per tutt*. Grazie per il vostro sostegno!

Questa sera contribuiscono al benefit e vi intrattengono con sapiente maestria e spirito indomito:

h 23.00 - Malatesta - Analogic Tribe (Afro-tech)

h 00.00 - Evol DJs (Afro-beat, Italo Disco e Electro Funk)

ingresso con tessera arci + sottoscrizione di 2 € a sostegno delle spese di realizzazione del progetto Pigneto Città Aperta 2071

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REB la roma est bene #6

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Vestirsi bene comportarsi male.

Ven30 Giugno
c/o Fanfulla, Circolo Arci
Apertura h22.00

hosted by Mica

Lac Observation h23.00
Rawwar h23.30

dj set:
Chicks h00.00
As Rom h01.30

*Reb, la roma est bene * disco scoppiata, wave capovolta, punk arrabbiato, noise frantuma timpani, musiche di serie a, b, c, z. Residenza fissa (((Dj As Rom – GLM)))

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